Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion

When I began feeding Ettie, I struggled to find stylish breastfeeding friendly outfits and quickly found myself in a bit of a style rut, not knowing what to wear that would give me quick access to my baps but would also keep me covered enough not to flash an innocent passer by at every feed. I could never get on with those cover up things and would end up in a right tangled mess if I try to use a muslin, so clothing which allowed me to discretely pop out a nip was definitely more my thing.

Luckily for me, Ettie was born at the start of summer so I was able to stick on some skinny jeans and a  baggy t-shirt and there wasn’t too much faffing. She  was small so I could pop her up my shirt at a moments notice without anyone really noticing.

As time went on and my confidence grew, so did my range of outfit choices. At first it was the trusty dungaree. With those, you don’t even need to get undressed, just pop a nip out to the side and the front flap of the dungarees hide your modesty.

Anything with buttons came next as I found you can undo the middle buttons to gain access, leaving most onlookers thinking you are just giving your baby a close squidge…. Remember as babies get older feeding gets a lot more efficient because they know what they are doing and so there’s a lot less arm flinging and having to re-attach the latch.

In the winter months, baggy jumpers were my life safer, same principle as the T-shirts, just pop your baby under your jumper and no one really knows you’re feeding! A double layer works well to keep your back toasty if your jumper rides up a bit, just make sure the second layer has a low neckline which you can easily pull down. You can even wear cold shoulder or off the shoulder jumpers to give your outfit more of an edge.

Finally high waisted skirts and short tops work really well as there is less material to lift up to pop your baby on. As time went on I learned to think outside the box. Just because you’re feeding, it doesn’t mean you have to feel frumpy. There are lots of options out there, and often the best choices aren’t in the ‘nursing’ section of your favourite retailers.

I’ve popped some of my latest finds down below and I’ll continue to add to the list as I move through this second breastfeeding journey. Please do feel free to pop me a message if you have any questions and I hope you find some ideas below…

Cream jumper
Ugg Slippers
Black and white striped scarf
Sequin Skirt
pink roll neck
Spotty shirt
Black Skirt
Red Shoes
Boohoo Striped Blouse
Black Checked Skirt
Black Vans
Black Skirt
Black Jersey dungerees
Brown Snakeskin Jumpsuit
Striped Chunky Knit
Yellow Stripe Block Colour Jumper
Leopard Print Skirt
Leopard print Dress of dreams
Maternity rainmac