• Living Room Makeover {previous flat}

    I think its still going to be a while before I can share a grand unveiling of any of the finished rooms in this house, so as a little appetiser, I thought I’d show you one of the rooms we made over in our previous flat. I’ll start with the living room as I think it was perhaps the biggest transformation and ended up being one of my favourite rooms! You can see the the transformation from start to finish below, but I’ll talk you through the process as we move on.. Our first home was a cosy little flat in a little village called Ditchling. It was built in the 1950’s and was in need of some serious modernisation. The flat had its own garden over looking the South Downs…

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    H&M Home Haul {August 2017}

    I’ve been making a big effort recently to try and stop being overwhelmed by the never ending list of projects which still need to be completed in our house, and trying to focus my attention on actually finishing rooms off! Partly for my own sanity, but also because I’d like to start inviting friends round! Other than finding and installing a new fire place, the living room has the least to do in terms of ‘finishing off’ so I thought i’d start with this room first. There are a few statement pieces I’ d like to buy once funds will allow, such as a new side table and light fittings, but for now all it needs are a few soft furnishings and decorative items to spruce the place up a…

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    I was once in a Music Video!!

    Yes, you heard right!! One that appeared on MTV and everything!!! OK so you might think i’m clutching at straws for content here!! But as this is supposed to be a blog for Ettie I thought i’d use it as a platform to remind her how God damn super cool her Mum once was – well for a couple of hours at least!! So yes way way waaaaay back in 2007 when Social Media was still in its infancy, I was sat scrolling though my emails – because that’s how we all communicated in those days, and up popped one from the fan club of my favourite band – the Stereophonics asking if anyone could make it up to London for 5pm to be in a Music video!! Ermmmm of…

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    Eweleaze Farm, Dorset

    I’ve always loved camping. From the ripe old age of 16 when we used to set up camp in Eskdale, banging out the latest rave tunes from our trusty battery operated CD player, telling silly ghost stories around the camp fire and giggling ourselves to sleep as we recalled anecdotes from the day. I’ve always loved the sense of freedom camping provides. Just friends, fresh air- and in our case generally a whole lot of booze!! When my friend Anna suggested taking the babies on a camping holiday to Dorset, I jumped at the chance. We’re yet to take Ettie away on her first family holiday and with the house still chugging away slowly, we’re not sure when this will be so we were more than happy to plan a…

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    One step closer to Adulthood {Joining the National Trust}

    After spending upwards of £70 on days out over the last couple of weeks, we finally made the commitment towards real adulting this weekend and purchased our National Trust memberships! It’s something we’ve been aware of for a while … you know, that we were maybe nearing ‘that age’ but we fought it, gripping onto the clutches of youth with our fingernails and avoiding all such places while we tried to fit in as many trips to the beach as possible! But actually, now that we’ve made the commitment, I’m quite excited about it! We pay £9 a month which is cheap as chips really and you get a little guide book and map listing all the places which you’re now free to explore!! Not only is it worth it…

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    RevitaLash is it worth the Pricetag? | Review

      I’m reaching out today to all of the follically challenged in the land. i.e. those who struggle to grow hair past a certain length!! I too am one of those people, be it arm hair, leg hair, the hair on my head and of course eyelashes! Once those follicles reach a certain length, they just sort of give up the ghost, keel over and die!! Come on hair you can do better than that!! Sometime this is a blessing of course, my waxing bill over the years has been significantly lower than others…. however for the hair that really matters – you know the stuff people see on a daily basis!! im basically left with stumps!! Stumpy eyelashes and stumpy mid length hair!! To make matters worse, Stu, his…

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    My Lust List

    Clapton Ankle
    Frome Midi
    Leah Jumper
    Francesca Jumper
    Checked trousers
    Mustard JUmper
    Cream jumper
    Ugg Slippers
    Black and white striped scarf
    Red Shoes
    Boohoo Striped Blouse
    Maternity rainmac
    Mustard Dress
    Mustard woven shoes
    ASOS maternity jumper
    Yellow Rain Mac
    Black and White Striped Jumper
    Biker jacket with fur
    Red Boden Loafers
    Polka Dot Dress
    Mango mules
    White Knitted All Saints Coat
    Black Dungaees
    Grey Gazelle Trainers
    Mustard Jumper
    Red Striped T-Shirt
    Midi Wrap Dress with Ruffle Sleeves
    Pointed Ankle Boots
    ASOS Chunky Knit Jumper