• Letters to Ettie {17 Months}

    Hello my gorgeous girl The time is here again for me to write to you your monthly letter and what a month it’s been. I know I say the same each time – that I can’t believe how much you have developed and grown, but honestly it’s the truth, you are growing and transforming into a fun loving, sassy, independent little girl right before my very eyes! Sometimes I swear you’ve grown a couple of inches through the day when I collect you from nursery… and you have four new teeth! Including two big molars at the back. When I look back at last month’s letter, at how I was shocked by the number of words you’d been picking up, it seems small fry compared to this month! This month…

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    Small Brand Spotlight | With Michelle from Evie Michelle

    Good morning and welcome to a new and very special feature which I hope to be running once a month. I’ve spoken previously about my love for small brands and the fact that I like nothing more than finding products that are unique and different from anything you’d find on the high street. What makes this passion even greater, is that many of these companies are established by Mothers, just like me – albeit a lot more talented than me – who have taken the bull by the horns and chosen to make a living out of doing something they are passionate about and love. In order to celebrate these truly amazing women, I’ve decided to run a monthly feature called ‘Small Brand Spotlight’, where I’ll be showcasing one of…

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    The Mummy Juggle: Paola from The Elephant Mum

    Roll Up Roll Up, maternity leave is over and you’re about to enter the circus with your non-stop juggling act of being a mother and holding down a job, also known as ‘The Mummy Juggle’! A few weeks ago I shared a post explaining how I was finding it difficult adjusting to working almost full time and trying to fit everything in. The article was really well received and I had feedback from lots of other mums who were either feeling the same way or who had been there in the past and understood what I was going though. Delving into things a bit further, I discovered a study undertaken by Welches – the Juice people, who reported that on average a working mums starts her day at 6.23 a.m, and…

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    With Halloween well and truly out of the way and the autumn leaves getting ready to turn into a slushy brown mess , I’ve finally succumb to the fact that it might be time for us to think about Christmas. In fact I’m going to go one step further than that and ask you to turn your attention to New Years Eve. It is only 46 days away after all (and yes I did do a little gulp once I worked that one out!) With that freaky little statistic in mind, you may start to panic at the realisation you haven’t anything planned as yet, but fear not for I am here to give you a little helping hand. In association with Gullivers World in Warrington, I am offering up the…

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    Top 5 Instagram Squares from October {#MagicMonthlySquares}

    For the past few months I’ve been posting a round up of my top five Instagram photos from the previous month and its been quite popular. I think it gives readers a chance to catch up on the photos they might have missed and it gives me a change to look back over the month which I really enjoy doing. We’re so busy sorting out the house at the moment it feels like time is evaporating, so its nice to sit back and take stock once a month to look over all that we’ve done. A month really isn’t that long, but when I look back over the months photographs, it seems like an eternity since the first one was posted! So with that in mind, lets take a look…

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    Creating a logo with Logojoy

    ‘Ettie and Me’ has been going for five whole months now (I know I can’t believe it either!) and in that time we’ve developed so much. Looking at the site now its hard to imagine the little free WordPress site I began my blogging journey on. With its single profile picture and simple drop down menu, its a long way from the interactive site I have today, but there is still progress to me made. One addition I haven’t made, until now, is the creation of a brand logo. To be honest, its something I hadn’t really thought about because I wasn’t really sure I needed one. I don’t have any merchandise and we certainly don’t wear uniforms (can you imagine ;0) ) so I wasn’t really sure of the…

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    My Lust List

    Clapton Ankle
    Frome Midi
    Leah Jumper
    Francesca Jumper
    Checked trousers
    Mustard JUmper
    Cream jumper
    Ugg Slippers
    Black and white striped scarf
    Red Shoes
    Boohoo Striped Blouse
    Maternity rainmac
    Mustard Dress
    Mustard woven shoes
    ASOS maternity jumper
    Yellow Rain Mac
    Black and White Striped Jumper
    Biker jacket with fur
    Red Boden Loafers
    Polka Dot Dress
    Mango mules
    White Knitted All Saints Coat
    Black Dungaees
    Grey Gazelle Trainers
    Mustard Jumper
    Red Striped T-Shirt
    Midi Wrap Dress with Ruffle Sleeves
    Pointed Ankle Boots
    ASOS Chunky Knit Jumper