• Creating a bright and airy bedroom using curtains

    We’re currently in the process of looking for ideas to decorate our spare room. It’s quite a small space, the smallest room of the house, but with a bit of flexible thinking there is space to fit a double bed, so with the thought that guests don’t really need too much storage space, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that it could become a useful guest room. I live a long way from home so we have guests come to visit A LOT, because of that I want to create something that’s really tranquil and inviting. Anyone that comes to stay has to travel a long way to get here, so the least we can do is provide a relaxing space. With that in mind I thought the best thing to…

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    Letters to Ettie {20 Months}

    To my beautiful, amazing, loving, caring, gorgeous little girl I haven’t been able to really write to you for the past two months as I’ve felt soooo poorly, but now I’m feeling better I have so much to say, I’m sure you’ll fall asleep by the time you finish this letter, so I will try to keep it brief. I’ve probably said the same thing to you every month that I’ve been writing these letters. but this month has definitely been my favourite age by far! You’re just so cheeky and funny, but also really loving and caring too. Your speech is getting better by the day and you’re always shocking us with how many words you’ve learned. Your favourite phrases at the moment are ‘What you doing Mummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy??’ (or Daddy) and…

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    Birthday Break to Stockholm | Part Two

    Good afternoon, a few weeks ago I published the first instalment of our family trip to Stockholm and was meant to follow it up pretty quickly with this one, but with us finally starting building works on the top floor its been a crazy couple of weeks over at Faith HQ so I’m only just sitting down to do it now. That said it’s a lovely sunny afternoon and I’ve managed to secure myself a couple of hours so here we go… In my last post, I left you on Day 2 of our family trip to Stockholm where we’d spent the day exploring the lovely Gamla Stan (Old Town) area of the city, had a boat ride around the Strommen and watched the sunset from the viewing point at…

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    The Mummy Juggle | Gemma from Waist Trainer UK

    Hello and welcome to this months edition of the Mummy Juggle series. A series designed with mums in mind to share stories and inspiration about how we all cope with the day-to-day battle of juggling work and family life. In the series so far we’ve heard from three amazing mothers who are making the work/life balance work for them and successfully building some fabulous blogs in the process. From the stories we’ve heard to date, it’s clear to see that the notion of a ‘perfect mum’, with an amazing career, perfect house, Mary Berry-esque baking skills and beautifully groomed children doesn’t actually exist, as there will always be compromises that have to be made. Being a Mummy is HARD and I’d like this series to demonstrate that we all get stressed…

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    My Travel Bucket List | Hawaii with kids

    In a world before Ettie, Stuart and I liked nothing more than to jump on a plane and explore a new continent. Often no sooner had our feet touched the ground, I’d be back on my best friend Google, planning out our next adventure and booking it before we really had enough money in the account to pay for it! I will admit it was a frivolous life and not very ‘grown up’ of us! But we loved it and it took us on many great adventures so we ain’t complaining! Now as you might expect, since the arrival of our little darlin’, that care free and fancy lifestyle has taken hefty leap into no mans land and we’ve had to start spending our money more wisely on grown up…

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    ‘Egg’-citing Easter Giveaway with Gulliver’s Theme Parks

    Shortly before Christmas I ran a fantastic giveaway in conjunction with Gulliver’s World, Warrington where two lucky readers won tickets for their whole families to enjoy the  New Years Eve Celebrations taking place there (Congratulations Sarah and Lucinda!). The competition was a real success and I am delighted to tell you that I’ve teamed up with Gulliver’s yet again to provide an eggstra special day out this Easter, however this time the prize will be a little closer to home. To celebrate Easter this year, Gulliver’s Theme parks will hosting an Easter Extravaganza with rides, shows and attractions all devised for children aged 2 to 13.  The parks will be open daily and the Extravaganza will run from 24 March – 15 April. In Milton Keynes visitors can enjoy over 70 attractions including…

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    My Lust List

    Clapton Ankle
    Frome Midi
    Leah Jumper
    Francesca Jumper
    Checked trousers
    Mustard JUmper
    Cream jumper
    Ugg Slippers
    Black and white striped scarf
    Red Shoes
    Boohoo Striped Blouse
    Maternity rainmac
    Mustard Dress
    Mustard woven shoes
    ASOS maternity jumper
    Yellow Rain Mac
    Black and White Striped Jumper
    Biker jacket with fur
    Red Boden Loafers
    Polka Dot Dress
    Mango mules
    White Knitted All Saints Coat
    Black Dungaees
    Grey Gazelle Trainers
    Mustard Jumper
    Red Striped T-Shirt
    Midi Wrap Dress with Ruffle Sleeves
    Pointed Ankle Boots
    ASOS Chunky Knit Jumper