Small Brands/ Amazing Mamas

Im a huge supporter of small brands and love finding products that are unique and different from anything you’d find on the high street. Whats even better is that a number of these brands are run by Mamas who have had the courage to set up their own businesses.

I spent a year trying to come up with a creative idea of my own whilst on maternity but sadly i’m just not as gifted as these amazing women. So my contribution is to write about them instead and share my amazing small brand findings with the blogging world.

Under each item in this category you will find a link to the brand website and a shout out to the amazing Mama who founded each company.

Shortly before Christmas I was introduced to Bookabees a lovely new book club for children and asked to try out one of their monthly subscription packages. Similar to a library, the idea behind Bookabees is that your child can enjoy 1, 3 or 5 new books each month before returning them to be replaced by more beautiful books. However better than a library, the Bookabees books are delivered directly to your door in a fabulous personalized pack containing all sorts of other goodies such as stickers and interactive activities to grab your child’s attention. All books are handpicked by educational experts based on your child’s age, reading stage and interests and there’s an option to specifically select books which you think your child will enjoy if you so wish. At the end of…

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