Hi! I’m Emma and this is my lovely husband Stu! Together we’re the extremely over proud parents of our beautiful and crazy little daughter Arrietty who is tucked away in the pram back there.

This is my little space on the web to share with you my thoughts on life, shopping, hopefully travel (we used to do a lot before Ettie was born and would like to carry on!!) and the joys (if you can call them that!?) of renovating your home!!

I’m based in Brighton but originally from Cumbria and worked for a couple of years out in Zante too (still holding onto that dream!) 😉


To give you a little insight into how the world of Blogging works I’ll always be transparent about whether a product has been sent to me for a review or whether I am being paid to talk about it.

If a PR company sends me something to try, whilst i’m under no obligation to mention it, I will if I think it is something I think you’ll enjoy and I’ll always say that the product has been send to me. I do not get ANY money for this.

If a company or brand contacts me and asks me to mention their product for a price, I will always close the post saying something along the lines of ‘This is a sponsored post‘. Whilst I do receive money for these posts, I would never mention anything that I didn’t actually like or think my readers would enjoy.

Finally some of the links in my posts may be affiliate links. This means if that you click on the link and buy the item I’m talking about, I get a very small percentage of commission. This doesn’t alter the price or buying experience for you though, its just a little extra to me for bringing the product to your attention.

If none of the above is mentioned, then I’m actually just writing the review because I really enjoyed the product/ experience and thought you would too. Not everything in the blogging world is about making money or the hard sale. sometimes we just like to share information on things we’ve enjoyed or found useful.

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you ever have any questions to ask me, please do drop me a line at emma@ettieandme.com


Proud to be listed as a ‘Favourite Blogger on MyBump2Baby.com

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