img_3003.jpgHi! I’m Emma and this is my lovely husband Stu! Together we’re the extremely over proud parents of our beautiful and crazy little daughter Arrietty who is tucked away in the pram back there.

This is my little space on the web to share with you my thoughts on life, shopping, hopefully travel (we used to do a lot before Ettie was born and would like to carry on!!) and the joys (if you can call them that!?) of renovating your home!!

So yes first and foremost this is another Mummy blog and I’m sorryyyyy  I will hold my hands up guilty as charged but she’s just way more interesting than me! But as I touched on we’re also in the process of renovating our second home so you there should be a few room makeovers cropping up in the future. Hopefully my love of small brands, days out, interiors, travelling to new countries and taking pretty pictures will keep you interested between all the usual mummy stuff!!

So there you go, if you’re into Mum life, days out, travelling with a bit of interior design and home renovation thrown in, then this may be a blog to keep watching.

If the thought of yet another Mummy blog makes you quake in your boots, then please look away now …. nothing to see here ;0) xx

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Please be aware that I use affiliate links on my blog meaning I may get a small amount of commission if you click through to buy one of the products I recommend. This doesn’t mean, that I don’t fully endorse or believe in every product I suggest as they are all things I would recommend.

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