RevitaLash is it worth the Pricetag? | Review

RevitaLash is it worth the Pricetag? | Review

 I’m reaching out today to all of the follically challenged in the land. i.e. those who struggle to grow hair past a certain length!!

I too am one of those people, be it arm hair, leg hair, the hair on my head and of course eyelashes! Once those follicles reach a certain length, they just sort of give up the ghost, keel over and die!! Come on hair you can do better than that!!

Sometime this is a blessing of course, my waxing bill over the years has been significantly lower than others…. however for the hair that really matters – you know the stuff people see on a daily basis!! im basically left with stumps!! Stumpy eyelashes and stumpy mid length hair!!

To make matters worse, Stu, his two sisters and now Ettie are all blessed with amazingly long eyelashes, so long that they sweep their face in a graceful feather like motion when they blink! So it’s even more embarrassing that I’m now the only girl in the family with stumps.

Ive tried eyelash extensions, strip lashes, cluster lashes… but nothing seems to work because ive got really deep set eyes, so they all just sort of sit there awkwardly like a dead fly on my eyelid!

Blue RevitaLash box

I was recommended Revitalash Advanced when I was 8 months pregnant, but it says on the packet that it isn’t recommended for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding so I had to wait patiently with my stumpy little eyelashes for 11 whole months!!!!! – In reality the wait wasn’t that bad as the Mums in Baby Sensory really couldn’t give two hoots about my eyelashes, we were all just happy to be there with our eyes open. But looking at the pretty packet sitting on my shelf knowing I couldn’t use it was still quite frustrating!



The product comes in a little bottle with a brush applicator wand which you apply to the top of your eyelash line once a day. Seems simple – however in my new mum, sleep deprived haze, I messed this up for the first month and applied the product directly to my lashes. I didnt see any clear results for the first month so i’m not sure if it was because of my inability to read simple instructions, or because that’s how long it takes for the product to get working. But it wasn’t until month 2 that I noticed I actually had lashes that reached beyond my eyeliner line!

How it works

The Revitalash Advanced formula works by increasing the length of your eyelash growth cycle by preventing them from falling out so they have the opportunity to grow longer. It’s not an eyelash conditioner, it’s biologically affecting your lashes and how long they can grow.

The Price

At upwards of £80 a bottle it isn’t cheap, but this sized bottle lasts for six months, so if you add up how much you’d usually spend on eyelash extensions, strip lashes and last perming treatments it might be worth it for you.

Did it Work?

Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘before’ shot to show you as I didnt realise I would be writing about it three months later. But I’ll try to explain: My lashes were probably around the same length as a button on a phone, perhaps 6mm. You couldn’t really see the top of them above my eyeliner line, even if I curled them, and they all grew at wonky angles so eyelash extensions didn’t really work for me!

This is the aftershot after using RevitaLash for 9 weeks.

You can see that whilst they still aren’t amazing, they are definitely visible above my eyeliner line (I’m not wearing any in the pictures to make it clearer). To me this is massive as I actually feel confident wearing less make up, letting my fluttering lashes do all the work.

author smiling at long eyelashes

The Verdict

If it is a fuller, thicker false lash effect which you’re seeking, then I don’t think RevitaLash would work for you as I only noticed an improvement in the length of my lashes and they are still pretty thin.

However if all you desire is a simple enhancement to the more natural look, then I would definitely recommend this product. Whilst the initial outlay is a expensive (and I’m always skint!) I consider it an investment to prevent bad make up days when you’re face just isn’t playing ball! I’m so happy with my lashes now, I wear a lot less make up, just letting them do their thing. Plus I can recoup the money I would have spent on strip lashes!

Ive been using my bottle for two months and there is probably around a months supply left. I’m not sure how long it will take for the effect to wear off once I stop using it, but I will be investing in it again as I can genuinely see a difference.

Happy Lash Lady

You can grab your own bottle of wonder- lash juice a.k.a Revitalash from Amazon here RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 3.5ml



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